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Shilpa Mahant

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Meditation is that which gives you deep rest

Sahaj Samadhi Dhyana

Enhance peace of mind • Improve health • Boost mental clarity • Unlock intuitive skills

Happiness Program

Learn the world’s most powerful breathing technique – Sudarshan Kriya™ loved and practiced by 45 million people around the globe.

ART Excel & YES Youth Course

The secret of happiness is in your breath. Boosts physical, emotional and social health.

Wellness Course

Without knowledge there is no wellness. So, knowledge is an essential part of wellness and just having knowledge and not putting it to use is again of no use so knowledge plus using the practices, continue the practices, that will ensure wellness.

Why meditation classes?

Making Life a Celebration

AOL Fostering well-being through breath, meditation & yoga programs since 1981

About me

Hi, I'm Shilpa Mahant, AOL meditation coach

Shilpa Mahant is a seasoned yoga and meditation teacher, deeply rooted in the philosophy and practices of the Art of Living Foundation. With a profound dedication to her craft, Shilpa seamlessly integrates ancient yogic traditions with contemporary methodologies, offering her students a holistic experience that transcends mere physical postures.


Nurtured by the teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living Foundation, Shilpa has embraced the essence of yoga as a way of life, rather than just an exercise regimen. Her approach to teaching is imbued with compassion, patience, and a deep understanding of individual needs, ensuring that every student feels acknowledged and uplifted.

What my students say

I did sahaj samadhi with her and loved the whole experience. She explains difficult to grasp knowledge very fluently and with a calm composed smile. Must try once to experience the amazing SKY and many other techniques.
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Rushi Mahant
Sahaj Samadhi
Attending the Happiness Program with Shilpa Mahant was truly a life-altering experience for me. From the moment the workshop began, Shilpa's warmth, depth of knowledge, and genuine care for each participant shone through.
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Hardik Shah
Happiness Program
The easy breathing technique that can lower your anxiety 44%. Sudarshan kriya helps to infuse harmony in the body. It was a life changing experience.
Nishant Joshi
Sahaj Samadhi
Hi, I am Dr manisha shah, practicing since 22 years. Being a female dr. And mother of 2 teenage daughters. I have seen many suffering from mild to moderate to severe cases of mental diseases. Because of multiple factors. In school bullying, marks pressure from parents , peer pressure. In women also hormonal issues. Even men with lots of office politics and competitive atmosphere everywhere. Spending money on materialistic things , and the list goes on. Give yourself a chance to learn something which is the key to peaceful life. THANK YOU ART OF LIVING TEAM.
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Dr Manisha
Happiness Program